The Village Youth Develpment

The Village Youth Develpment

On the afternoon of 16 September 2015, an interactive youth development program was held for the young people at The Village informal settlement.

The theme of the program was Friendship which included role play and some creative thinking from the youth who attended.  The children where broken up into groups with each on given a friendship topic.  The groups had 5 minutes to write a quick play related to their topic. The TLC staff were amazed the creativity displayed by the children from The Village.  One young boy commented at the end of the program "Good friends do not teach you to smoke or smoke in front of you."

At the end of the proceedings, the children where all treated with cold drinks and oranges.


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TLC Outreach Projects is a non-profit, welfare organization, situated in the Table View Area. Our purpose is to care for destitute youth at risk. Through our various programs we seek to make a lasting differance in the lives of the people we come in contact with. Though our focus is on children, we educate, inform, encourage everyone to live a life of dedication to God and one another.

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